A way to express yourself

Being creative isn’t a thing you do, it’s a thing you are. It is a thing, you can learn. Creativity is a process. No matter what you are doing, no matter if you think it is stupid, no matter if everyone around you think it is stupid, do it. It’s a great way to learn about yourself and about nature.

You don’t have plans for today? Well now you do. Sit down, take an empty sheet of paper and just try to make something out of it. No matter if you craft something, or draw something or even if you write something. And no matter, if it turns out good or bad, or better way to say it would be beautiful or ugly. That doesn’t matter.

What matters is, that you found a way to express yourself. You found a way to express your thoughts. Your inner self. If you enjoyed it, continue. Make it a daily routine. Or, find a way to continue. Once a week, twice a month, doesn’t matter. But you need to start somehow. Try different things. Try all of it. Drawing. Crafting. Writing. Music. Do it, try it. You’ll never know, how fun it makes, if you’ve never tried it. You’ll find out, what you enjoy the most. Continue that. Your brain will find ways to help you express yourself. You will come up with ideas out of nothing.

Being creative affects your life in a very positive way. You learn how to handle difficult situations, how to solve problems. You will come across new ideas, new ways.

You will face times, where you will have so many ideas and no time. And there will be times where you will have nothing to do, so you’ll have time forever, but you won’t come across any ideas. I can tell you, that it’s better to write down as many stuff as you can. Cause you won’t have the same thoughts, ideas twice.

Be creative! Find new ways! Try new things! Be innovative! Be yourself!



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