My 2016

Hey guys, it’s me again. I just want to write about my 2016. Like a little recap. So, lets start.

It started with getting diagnosed with depression, anxiety and some kind of “Anpassungsstörung”. I started therapy, got medicine, all that fun stuff. I quit school after 4 long years. I couldn’t handle it. School. People. Vienna. It was too much. Oh yeah, I got a boyfriend. Long Distance Relationship. Well, it was an interesting experience, but it wasn’t meant to last.  Meanwhile, I searched for work, or at least something to do, but I failed. The only good thing in my life back than were my three geese I got. Then I took care of my dying granny, which, passed away in June. In July I visited my boyfriend in Sweden. In August, we broke up, and my depression seemed to get worse.

And then it started to get great. I got a new room and I found work! A job, where I can work with kids. Teach them, show them how the world works. Help them grow. I really love my job. A month later, I got a car.

And now, looking back, my year started shit. And with that, I mean, real shit. But hey, it ended good. I have great work, I have a great car, I have a great place to stay. And, the main thing: I am feeling good!

I am still struggling with life someday. I still have doubts about myself. I am still insecure about my feelings. But I am doing okay. Life has up and downs. My 2016 started with a big down, had little ups now and then, fell into a big down again. But hey, now in the end I am in the middle of an up-curve. Yay!

I hope, that my 2017 will be more stable and less dramatic. I also hope for more time with friends and there will maybe time/room for a new love? Well, at least, I hope so.

I wish you a happy new year, may it be at least as good as the last one. Take care of yourself, you deserve the best!
27.12.2016, binabina


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