There will be moments in your life that arent as enjoyable as others.

Do you ever feel down for no specific reasons? Where you just want to crawl up in your bed with loads of pillows and blankets? Where you just want to each junk food until you getfat and can not move anymore? Do you ever feel like crying your heart out? Do you ever feel like that but don’t know why?

Do you ever catch yourself in such a situation? What do you do? Just feel the moment and lie down in bed with netflix and cry untill you fall asleep? Or are you going out with friends and try to forget the bad feelings?

I think it is okay not to be okay all the time. It is good to have bad days. In your life there will always be both, good and bad days. You need the bad days to apprechiate the good days. And you need the good days to handle the bad ones.

Nothing is harder, to go through something bad. But there will be tough times in your life. But hey, everyone copes with those times. Everyone feels bad every now and then.

The only thing you can do is to enjoy and apprechiate the good times more than you do now. If youre having a good day, don’t think about the bad days. If you’re having a bad day, always think about the good times. Think about, how beautiful life can be. How many laughters you had. Think about your friends, your familiy.

Live your life, live the moment. Don’t let bad days affect your good ones. Enjoy every single moment.




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