And now I am sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight, two more hours to kill though. I am wondering how hard this first night will be without him. I mean, we have spent two entire weeks together, slept in his small bed, cuddled each night. The first night without him will be hard af. We had such a great time together – I met his mum, his friends. I got to spend time with him, time in which we explored especially Öland. Oh yeah, and we borrowed his friend’s car and I fucking drove it. we both felt so mature to do a kind of road trip with each other.

I cried at the airport, I didn’t want to leave him. It was so hard. I hope, we see each other again super soon, I cannot wait to hug him again.

On the other side, I really look forward to coming home again. See my family, see my babies. And this may sound weird, but I look forward to talking German again. And I am excited to give everyone their souvenirs. I want to make them happy. I look forward to sleep in my own bed, not having to share it.

Sitting here doesn’t make it better. I am still sad that I have to leave. People are coming and going, passing by. And I need to sit here and wait. Wait for another 2 hours. And then I have to sit in the plain for another 2 hours. And then, my brother and his girlfriend will pick me up from the airport that means another hour car drive until I am finally home. The first thing that I do when I am home will probably be just unpack my stuff, give them their gifts and sleep. I feel so exhausted. Exhausted from sitting, waiting. I love to travel, but I hate waiting, sitting, not being able to do something. I want to travel the world, see everything, experience every country with all his sides.

To be honest, I am already thinking of stuff we can do when he is visiting me. Am I weird for doing that? I don’t think so, I don’t hope so. He will definitely meet my family. My mum, my dad, my brother and his girlfriend, my granny. I am curious with whom he can really communicate, cause my mum and my dad doesn’t really speak English, so does my granny and my brother’s girlfriend. So there are 2 people left, my brother and I. And this situation could be awkward, for everyone. For those who cannot talk to him, for him because nobody understands him and probably for me cause my brother has way better English skills than me.

But to be concluded, I really had a good time. Kalmar is a beautiful city. The best thing about Kalmar is, that there are random rabbits everywhere. That is the cutest thing ever. Random rabbits near the castle, random rabbits at the beach. Rabbits at the train station, rabbits in the streets. They are everywhere.

Well, 2-hour flight, then I have to cross my fingers that they managed to send my luggage to Vienna. If not, I don’t know what I should do. When I got here, I had to get my luggage and take it to the other terminal and check it in again. Now they told me that that isn’t necessary and they will send it to Vienna. I hope they did what they promised. And, next special thing, I am sitting at a Plane-Exit, so if there is an emergency, I have to handle it. I don’t know how, but I will.

28.07.2016, binabina


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