Why does it even matter?

Why can’t we just let two people be happy together? Why do we even give a single fuck bout them? I mean, we don’t care how they’re doing all their fucking life’s, so why do we care about them, when they are in a relationship? Why can’t we just be happy for them that they found love? Why do we have to rate others love life? Why are people like that?

Why does it matter to others how I am feeling? Yeah, right, they are empathetic, of course they are. No, serious though, why do they care? I mean, it’s my life. My love. My fucking problem if my boyfriend lives thousands of kilometers away. It is my problem if he is ten years older than me. It is my problem if my boyfriend is a girl. I mean, it’s not really my “problem”. But I need to “deal” with it. I know what I like. I know what I love. It’s my fucking life. I want to life my own life, not a life that people tell me to.

People should care about themselves, not about other people.

A reason why people care so much about others, is I guess, the face that they don’t want to think about their own life’s. That they just procrastinate to really think about their own interests, their own situations, their own fucking life. Another reason could be, that they are just jealous that you’re happy with your life right now. Or they are just curious. But why are they curious about the life of others? I don’t get it.

No matter if it’s a same-sex-relationship, a long distance relationship or even a relationship with a big age gap between the two people, isn’t that their “problem”? I mean, that’s their life. They can do whatever they want. They can love whatever they want.

Spread love. Start with yourself. Love yourself, so you can love others.




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