Distance sucks.

I haven’t heard his voice, not seen his face in 5 days now. We were not able to skype until now, it’s horrible. Not being able to talk to him. Well, we text every day. But it’s not the same. I want to see him, see his smile. Am I being cheesy? I miss him. It has only been 5 days since I left Sweden. 5 days and I already miss him. I want to hug him again.

But to be honest, I am happy to be home again. To be with my family, my animals. I missed my geese, my babies. They got so big! I am happy to lie in my bed, my big bed. And, I missed the heat. I missed the 35°C. And, I missed our air condition.

Now that I am home, there are lots of things that I have to do. Today, I have to do the last driving school shit, to finish my driving license. After that we, my parents and I, are going to fly with an air balloon. I am looking forward for experiencing that. Some when, I need to apply at the school I want to attend in September. I am going to church camp in 2 weeks. Before and after that we are going to throw away all of granny’s stuff and we are trying to get me a new room. I am moving room, who! I am so excited! Yeah, August will be an exhausting and productive month. And, I should write 2 articles for Church Homepage and Church Newspaper.

But all that doesn’t make it easier. I guess, it makes the whole situation worse. I am doing all that things without him. I want him to join the air balloon thing. I want him to help with my new room. Help choosing furniture, colors, everything. I want him to be able to help.

Why does it have to be that hard? Distance sucks. Seriously, it sucks.

01.08.2016, binabina


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