“Love never taught to hate.”

Earlier, I thought about love and hate. I mean, love is a feeling, we know that. But, is hate a feeling? In my opinion, no. When I love, I do it with my heart. But when I hate, its more the head, the brain that does all the work. I hate that because of plenty of reasons I can name.

I think its way harder to describe what you love than what you hate. Or who you love and who you hate. Or well, its easier to describe WHY you hate somebody than to describe why you love someone. Do you know what I am trying to say?

I came across some memes about hating his/her ex boy/girlfriend. And, to be honest, I cannot relate to any of those. I am friends with all my exes. We don’t hang around but we are talking. That’s one thing why I cannot relate. And the second thing is, that I agree with the sentence “love never taught to hate”. I am wondering, how the heck is it possible to hate someone you once loved? I can just imagine, that it is your brain that tells you that you suddenly hate that person. I mean, yes of course, maybe your ex-partner did some shitty things but hate? Nah. Maybe I am weird to think that.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. just wanted to share my thoughts with you. Let me know (either in the comments or text me at binablog@gmx.at)  how you think about that topic, I am very curious.

Spread the love.
Never hate.


21.10.2016, binabina


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