So I met this guy…

So I met this guy. Well, I met him years ago. We don’t officially date, we just meet up every now and then. There was a time, where I stayed at his place like once in 2 weeks. When I slept there, we just chilled, watched some Netflix, ate and talked about everything. Nothing happened, no sex, no touching, maybe a good night kiss, but that’s all.

So, this weekend I was home alone. We have a pretty big house and I thought I invite him over. We live basically one and a half hours apart. And he said yes. He arrived on Saturday (5pm ish) and left on Sunday (5pm ish). So, we spent 24h together. It was nice to have someone around.

He brought some deserts with him, that was pretty amazing, I mean, who does that? We had dinner together, we watched some Netflix, we cuddled, we fell asleep. The next day, we cuddled, we ate, he met my brother and his girlfriend (who by the way call him “my boyfriend” …already…). Then I showed him around in my town, then we watched some football and after that he drove home.

The best thing about this, my bed smells like him. That’s amazing. Did he give me butterflies? I guess. I will see him again in 2 weeks for my birthday and the week after he spends the weekend with me (and my brother and his girlfriend) and we will die because we are going out drinking. But never mind, I think, he would be a great boyfriend. He rubbed my back and stroke my head. He was so caring. He held me is his arms like he means it. You know? It’s weird.

I don’t want to say that I am in love or something, because I am not. I know that I am not. But it would just be so cool to be with him. Let me be honest with you, I always fantasized how it would be like to be with him. I don’t know.

The way he touches me… He didn’t touch my butt or my boobs. He touched my hip. He was so nice and kind. Not like every other dude I met. It is so different; he is so different. But yet, there is more than an hour car drive between us. And that is what scares me. Because he does work where he lives, and I work where I live. So, we could only see each other on the weekends. But I should be at home at least every Sunday because of church. And I think he would like to see his friends on the weekends. So, this would be hard. But why am I even thinking about that?

23.10.2016, binabina


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