At the moment I have the feeling that nobody cares about me about my feelings. And if they care, that they don’t understand, not even try to understand what’s going on. I know, that it is super hard to imagine how others are feeling if you aren’t in the same situation, and even if you would be in the same situation, you could feel complete different.

Sometimes, I wish somebody would notice my sadness, my emptiness. I would like someone to ask me about my day. Someone, who really cares, you know? I want someone, who cares. Who knows, then I am lying. Who recognize my weakness. But not just some stranger, I don’t want to share my soul with a stranger. I want it to share with someone special, but who is that person?

On the other hand, I don’t know if I would share my thoughts, my feelings. I don’t know if that person would ask me how I am doing, if I would answer with the truth. And that is the most awkward situation I ever had. I mean, I want someone to talk to but I don’t know if I would talk.

But, I am wondering, if I am really that good in hiding my feelings. I cannot be, but I guess I am. Is this a good or a bad thing? Tell me, help me, somehow.

06.09.2016, binabina


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