I love nights. And I hate them. It’s difficult. The night (time) has these two very meaningful and beautiful sides I either love or hate.

There are those nights I love. Everyone is asleep, so no one can bother you from what you want to do. No one can disturb you from who you really are. You can be yourself. Truly yourself. You don’t need to hide. You don’t need to think. You can just life your life the way you want to. I love that everyone is asleep at night, but nature is fully awake. You can see the stars, the moon. Hear the animals. You can experience something you could never experience at day time.


And there are those nights I hate. This silence, this emptiness. Nothing you can hide yourself from, so you have to face yourself. Your inner self. Your problems. Your demons. You can’t escape. There is just you, no one who can distract you. No one who you can turn to, talk to. No one who can help you. You have to deal with yourself, alone. But, can you handle it? Your real you? Your problems?



25.10.2016, binabina


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