I dont do drugs. I never did. And I probably never will. I dont smoke. Never even dared to try. I dont drink alcohol, or at least I try to drink as less as I can. I try to avoid every opportunity I get. Like, I always say that I cant drink, cause I need to drive the car or that Im not feeling well. But I rarly never say, that I just not want to drink. But I will change that in the future.

I dont like drinking alcohol. I really dont. My grandmother was kinda an alcoholic. She was always grumpy and angry. She was not the grandmother I wanted her to be when I was a kid. She always prefered to watch TV, instead of playing cards with me. She never liked me. And I blame the alcohol. She hurt herself. When she got ill, she had to give up her addiction to alcohol. Well, she had no choice. And it totally changed her. In a good way. She was patient, friendly and she became the grandmother I always wanted her to be. And I wonder, what kind of a person I would be now, if I had this granny ealier.

My dad is the same. Not that I say, that he is addicted to alcohol, but he likes to drink beer and wine. A lot. And after he finished some beer he will start to repeat himself, shout at us for kinda no reason, and blame us for everything. I have the feeling, that he cant talk about his problems at work, at home or whatever problems or issues he has. So he has to drink. Or he maybe feels better when he drank a little. But we as a family arent happy with his lifestyle. He gets angry when we tell him that he drank enough, or when we say that he should stop. And i kinda understand that. I feel like, you cant have a normal conversation with him anymore. Okay, maybe I am overreacting. I dont know.

Alcohol does bad things to you. To you and your loved ones.

Maybe it does help you, but it will destroy you. Slowly. Alcohol will stab you in the back, when nobodys watching. When youre not watching. And it will kill you. You and your relationship to your family members and friends.

This is just my way of looking at it. But thats it. Alcohol made me think that way. I saw my granny suffering. And I see, how alcohol changes my dad. So I highly reccomend, to stay away from alcohol.

Take care,



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