Thoughts are unique.

We live in a world, where we know, that every single of us is a unique human being. Every one of us is special. Everyone has its own way to live his or her life. Everyone has its own special way to talk, to be, to feel, and, of course, every one of us has its own way to think.

But have you ever thought about the fact, that even the smallest thought is unique?

You cannot re-think a thought you once had. It is not possible. You cannot re-think. What you can do is, you can re-think the whole topic, maybe you will come across similar thoughts, but never the same ones. Well, duh, obviously you can think the same thoughts again, but it will not be the same.
Even if you start with the same thought at the beginning, and even if you come up with the same conclusion in the end, the thoughts in between may be similar, but mostly they will be different.

I think, it is the same with words. Or not the same, but it is similar. Every time you say something with other words, you will change the whole sentence. Maybe you will not change the meaning of it, but you change the words. The way you say it, and of course, he way your opposite hears it.

Every time you read, every time you talk, and every time you think you will come across new words, new ways to look at something, new thoughts on something. Maybe even your whole opinion on something will change. But isn’t that a great way to learn? Or even a greater way to live life? I think so.

Words are just a way to communicate, but how can you think without having thoughts?
Is this possible? I don’t think so. Or maybe, dreaming is a way to think too. But I would recommend, that you think as much as you can. Try to re-think everything. It will not be the same, I promise. Try and come up with new ideas, new ways to do something. Start to think- start now!



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