The beauty of nature

Have you ever noticed how beautiful our daily life is? Even in the littlest of things on earth you can see the beauty of nature. When you hear “beauty of nature” you will probably think about the moments when the sun goes down, or when you just sit at the beach and listen to the sea roar. Maybe you think about a waterfall in the mountains or even a rainbow. But it is much more than that.

It is when the sun warms up your face on a sad day, or the little raindrops which cool down the ground after a hot day.
It is when you look up at the sky and see the clouds. They look so fluffy that you can’t help but want to touch them. Or when the clouds look like they are in a picture, so perfect that they cannot be real
It is when you can watch the plants grow in spring, or when you can count the leaves on the ground when they are falling down in autumn.
It is when you look at your pets at home, and you are so happy to be able to have them.
It is when you take a bite out of a delicious fruit and you just cannot stop eating, because it is so yummy.
It is when you think you had a shitty day and then you see a butterfly flying around you.
It is when you look for a big tree to sit underneath it.

I can tell you, it is even more than that! The beauty of nature is in every single one of us. Have you ever looked into your significant others eyes and just marvel about how beautiful that person is? Every one of us has our own beautiful smile, our own unique beauty.

So when you are having a bad day, go out, no matter how good or bad the weather is and try to see the beauty in nature. Nature will give you the energy you need. Nature will be there for you even when no single person feels like helping you. Go out and experience the beauty and magic of nature.



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