I still care

​If you ever come across my blog again, I want you to know that I still miss you. That i still love you. There is not a day where you arent in my mind. I hate that feeling, that youre still that important to me when youre just going on with your life like nothing happened. I mean, I dont know how you feel, what you think about me, this situaztion or whatever. 

I am thinking about you way too much but I cannot help it. I want to talk to you. Every single minute but I am afraid. Afraid of your words, of how you moved on. Afraid of what you may or may not have to say to me. What you think about me. Even if you still care. I am afraid to know. I am afraid to ask. 

Three months passed by since you/we broke up. I am doing good I guess. Besides, that I still miss you like I used to. Sometimes I catch myself staring at our pictures, fantazising what could have happened. I am still not over you. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with that breakup. 

You helped me through my hardest times and now youre gone like you have never been around. And that hurts the must I guess. Yeah you said that if I want to talk i could text you but ist not that easy. Yes, I want to talk to you. I want to tell you things I have in mind since forever. Yes, I want that, definetly. But as I said before, I am afraid of your answers, your reaction. I am afraid or rather worried that if I talk to you again, that it will get harder for me. Harder than it is now. 

Three month since we are not together anymore. Three months since I feel worse everyday. Or at least, i seems like it. It has been three months since you gave up to care. Since you kinda broke my heart. And why did you do that? Cause you „found out“ that I love you and you dont feel the same. 

Well, I still care (about you).

14.November.2016, binabina

Via Phone


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