Tears in my eyes

Today i woke up with tears in my eyes. And if that wasnt strange enough, no, i was sweating like helll. I dont know why this happend, maybe because i didnt fall asleep till four, so i just had like 3h sleeep. I tried everything. Light, no light. Music, no music. Tv, no tv. Stomach and back. I started to watch tv because i couldnt fall asleep, but that didnt help either. I turned off all my stuff at like midnight, lay down and wanted to sleep so badly. But, nope. Is it cause i knew that i HAD TO wake up early? Is this why? Or is it cause i drank alkohol, and i normally never do? Well i dont know. 

All i know that it was a horible morning. I am not exactly a morning person, i am quite the opposite. I am grumpy af in the mornings.
It took me like 10 minutes to figure out whats wrong or whats even going on. I put some clothes on, went to our little wine yard and started to do stuff my dad told me. But it was hard not starting to cry. Out of nothing. Out of content. And it would have been even harder to explain whats going on, cause obviously i didnt know. After two hours of wine yard work i had to quit cause i had to eat cause i needed to head to work. And now, here i am. Tired as fuck. Motivated like a wet towel. But, at least i look good today. When i use good lightening and a big fake smile.
Via phone | 27.02.2017 | binabina


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